The authentic taste of Umbrian cuisine

Each dish on the menu at this Italian restaurant in Kangaroo Point is curated by mamma Stella and cooked to perfection by our Italian chefs. Our pizza dough is kneaded daily by our passionate kitchen staff and every ingredient that is featured in your dish is either sourced locally to retain its freshness or flown from Italy to ensure you have an authentic Italian experience. 

Our pasta noodles are handmade and our pizzas are wood-fired in our custom-built oven to ensure each pizza is evenly cooked and comes sliding out with the perfect golden crust and gooey cheese topping.


Our meals are simple, rustic, and generous just like you’ll find them in Umbria, and are amplified by the fresh ingredients we use. Nothing beats the delight that ensues when you bite into plump ripe cherry tomatoes and slices of creamy mozzarella drizzled with the best extra virgin olive oil with just a kiss of fragrant basil. And this, of course, is just the starter.


Browse our menu to place an order online or click here to reserve your table. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on trying out our delicious dishes bursting with flavour and begging to give you a taste of Italy. 

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